Old sites

Here is a small collection of historic web pages I made in former years:

Old AOL homepage 1994
That page I made up, in the 90ies of the last millenium. It mostly features just text.
Since even than I was “into” emulators, there are mainly descriptions and links to the most current emulators (pages last updated in 1996, so the most current ist way back).
Most (if not all) external links are broken!

Also some of my first PC-games I published can be found there.

Old AOL first Vectrex page 1998
My first vectrex page, also originally hosted at AOL, although at that time so “big”, that I had to spread the contents accross two accounts. Not all links work, especially the external links are broken.
To save “loading” time, all pictures are represented by an icon, which load the image one is interested in only after clicking. Good oldĀ  times, when we were still concerned with bandwitch usage.

Second vectrex page
That page actually never had a real “home”. I made it as a collection and tutorial of vectrex in general and updloaded it somewhere.
Right now I think some (internal) links are broken, I have to check that soon. Check done – everything should be working!

Deamon Souls
The homepage I made (Xoops) for my World of Warcarft guild. You can’t enter without an account!

A java-game I wrote, see also: Programming projects: JPortal

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