Vectrex: Laby (Rogue)


Laby was my last “big” vectrex project. I wanted to write a rogue-like game for the vectrex which was supposed to be technical “advanced”.

It featured (amongst other things):

  • ym-files as music
  • digitized voices
  • “real” vector clipping
  • auto-mapping of visited locations
  • it was supposed to feature also pseudo 3d-objects

But as it happens so many times in life – I did not finish it.

Most programming of the “tricky” stuff was done, as you can see in other vectrex sections on these pages. But I never got arround to put it all together and breath live into it in the form of a real GAME.

Still you can see what might have been done, if you look at the sources or binaries:


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