Software: Karl Quappe

KarlKarl Quappe – aka Frogger

This was my second game for the PC, about a year after Pacman. I think I wrote it in about 2 or 3 weeks, including drawing all graphics myself. After that I never ever touched the code. As far as I know, Karl Quappe is bug free and still playes like a charm.

Even if that sounds quite self conscious, I’m proud how well this one turned out to be – although it was never really recognized by anyone.

You might have guessed it if you looked over my pages – I always was and always will be – I huge fan of Frogger.
Like with Pacman I could not find a decent version of it, so I made one! You might even think of it as an enhanced version :-).

As a kid I frequented a local Frogger arcade machine – all I could remember (and more) I put into this little darling:



Little squences (here reach home)




Snakes (diving turtles)




Deaths (and death sequences)



Out of bounds – Death


Crocodile – Death


Car – Death


And quite a few other – Deaths

High Scores (persistent)


For now grab the thing as a DOSBox setup:
Karl Quappe download (Win)
Karl Quappe download (OSX)

IMHO still worth a try, since it still playes quite smoothly!

(You can find my old pages made for AOL also on this site at: old Karl Quappe pages)
(… and an old Frogger tribute page of mine: old Frogger pages)

And finaly the source code to Karl Quappe, it was last compiled 1997 using Borland C++ 3.1: Karl source code

2 thoughts on “Software: Karl Quappe

  1. Dave

    My brothers and I would play this competively for HOURS back in the day! (1997 I think?) I had this pathetic little desktop that could barely run Win 3.1 and this was where it was at! Thank you so much for the fun memories! We still talk about this game all of the time! You rock!

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