Software: Karl Quappe

KarlKarl Quappe – aka Frogger

This was my second game for the PC, about a year after Pacman. I think I wrote it in about 2 or 3 weeks, including drawing all graphics myself. After that I never ever touched the code. As far as I know, Karl Quappe is bug free and still playes like a charm.

Even if that sounds quite self conscious, I’m proud how well this one turned out to be – although it was never really recognized by anyone.

You might have guessed it if you looked over my pages – I always was and always will be – I huge fan of Frogger.
Like with Pacman I could not find a decent version of it, so I made one! You might even think of it as an enhanced version :-).

As a kid I frequented a local Frogger arcade machine – all I could remember (and more) I put into this little darling:



Little squences (here reach home)




Snakes (diving turtles)




Deaths (and death sequences)



Out of bounds – Death


Crocodile – Death


Car – Death


And quite a few other – Deaths

High Scores (persistent)


For now grab the thing as a DOSBox setup:
Karl Quappe download (Win)
Karl Quappe download (OSX)

IMHO still worth a try, since it still playes quite smoothly!

(You can find my old pages made for AOL also on this site at: old Karl Quappe pages)
(… and an old Frogger tribute page of mine: old Frogger pages)

And finaly the source code to Karl Quappe, it was last compiled 1997 using Borland C++ 3.1: Karl source code

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