Amiga: Bootloader

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One of my glorious attempts in assembler programming on the Amiga.

With this program you can create a bootblock for your disk, and list a number of programs you would like to load (instead of waiting for the OS of the Amiga to load first).

The bootblock is created by booty and written to disk beforhand.

The bootblock looks like the above displayed image, which features:

  • a mini Scrolltext on the top
  • a list of programs to select from (displayed in an own font)
  • a “movable” copperlist, with which you can select the entry you want to load

I discovered recently, that the bootblock only works with original Amiga 500 without memory expansion. I guess such an expension was not available to me at that time :-)!

Here is the last source of the program that I could find, along with the sparse German comments:

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