October 2018

It has been nearly two and a half years since my last entry. I actually thought I would not write another entry. But – browsing through the old posting was somehow “cool”. To see what I did a while back, and getting back memories, which otherwise might have been kept burried forever :-).

Not that these memories are earthshatteringly important – and even more unimportant for any reader but me – but I sometimes like reminiscing about “back in the days”.

And actually – although public – it’s kind of a diary of what I played or did a while back. And I feel I would also like in the future to reminisce about things I do today. So perhaps I will write from time to time again a little what I played or what I did to occupy my mind.


Lets start with the last games I played. For this first entry I will not go into detailed descriptions – just a few reminders.


Rise to Ruins

After about 13h of my first game in Rise to Ruins – my striving village was put to ruins by hords of monsters after a night followed by a solar eclipse which again was immediately followed by a blood moon. Hords of monsters, especially fire elements broke thru my enhanced city wall, put torches (or themselfs in the case of fire elements) to my homes and killed my villagers to the last man.


Last Month

Dominions 5

Two years ago I’d written about Dominions 4. About a year ago number 5 of the series came out. I let it “ripe” a few months and only started to play in September. By now I probably have played about 100h (single player). The game is still going strong.

It lurks Below

At the time a “complete” play through – although now it has more to offer (early access)

Half a year ago

Fallout IV

This game – like this blog – lay a while before I took it up. It was available at around November 2015 – and I started playing it April 2018. Still I probably did so for about 200h. I played it thru and started again. It seems I have a fable for some of the Bethesda open world games.

I never was one very interested in Twitch or Youtube – but the (German) voice acting of Piper Wright led me to my first (and only) Twitch following: Lara Loft (Lara Trautmann)

I could play that game (barely) on my good old iMac from 2011 (starting under Windows). Probably one of the last AAA titles I play on that machine.

Playstation 4

Around that time I also purchased a playstation 4 (pro) with VR. I probably did not invest as much time into the machine to make the purchase really have been worth while but some of the titles that are on my board and that I at least STARTED:

Detroit become human

Singing androids – yeah!



Skyrim VR

You really don’t think I would leave that one out – did you?

WipEout Omega

Ok – I can only play that for a quarter of an hour at a time without having to remove the VR visor – but most of the time it is quite worth it!

Gof of War

Since I am not a joypad virtuoso – I had some trouble getting into it. But after some time I could actually play it. But really – all games that use more than two buttons on a joypad are to complicated for me.



One Year (or continous)


I still play that thing once in a while. It is great to be played while watching some TV series. Also my nephew likes Minecraft and when he visits we play¬† “bed wars” on a server in a team (which in general I tend to lose).

Also: Aren’t the turtles cute?




I have been active at all things concerning Vectrex (see my other pages). I wrote Vide and Karl Quappe and Release and am currently “working” on Vectorblade.

I-devices (play through)

Planar Conquest

Alltogether I paid a lot of money for that one. Glad it finally made it to a stage where it is at least playable. It is not as good as expected or I hoped for – but it IS well playable and I put quite a bit of time into it.



Dungeon Defenders

An “action strategy game”.

Anti Hero

A digital board game (strategy, builder)

Fallout Shelter

Ah well – after playing Fallout 4 I also played Fallout shelter (up to a full developed shelter).

Knight Maker

Ok – I shouldn’t have played that.

Puzzle Quest II

Also really repetitive after a while.


A “classic” match three game.

Sky Force Reloaded

Shoot’em up!

Card Dungeon

Not bad – but zero replay value. I played it thru on my first go. What should I need the additional skills for – when I play it thru using the first one???


I know I played that one thru – but I honestly can’t remember it.¬† It must have been quite entertaining though, otherwise I had not finished it.


This once became in the end quite repetitive…

Enchanted Cave

“Second” round becomes quite hard!

A Dark Room

Cool thing!


Game for 1/2 hour or so.


Every now and again.

Didn’t play through completely though. Couple of nice “riddles”.

Dungeon Maker

I really like that one – but IMHO the “progress” is a bit slow.

… and probably many more I can’t remember.

Images that did not fit behind the short texts…


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