Mac One Click cont.

Remember? One of my last programming projects?

Mac One Click

The last days I invested a little time in “Mac One Click”. Time I had to spare and I didn’t feel like starting something new. Time where I did stuff, that was fun to implement but is probably no where anywhere near to being useful.Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-29 um 23.53.21

The screenshot of the current C64 screen shows many of the innovations.

C64 (Vice):

  • Implemented my own directory routines (befor I reused from a Java C64 emulator)
  • Now the directories work like expected, supported formats D64 (all of them), P00, C64, T64 (there are others like G64, TAP, X64, ZIP and LYNX – but not found so often, and not really interesting for my purposes)
  • You can display BASIC listings of C64 (thanks to a font I got from Kreative Software)
    (I tried to use the font from Style64, but that appears to be broken!) . You can switch between capital letters and small letters using the “a<>A” button.


  • You can do a google image search directly from the screen now (“Search” button) and select (or randomly chose) an image for the APP-IconBildschirmfoto 2015-12-29 um 23.53.40
  • Build Settings
    Here you can configure for the emulator and the “game” source if they should be kept “independent”. Meaning: they will not be part of the package, but they are expected somewhere else (for those people, that want to optimize their HD space)

The DMG file on the page has been updated…

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