You got me, that is not a KryoFlux :-)!

That is a Catweasel MK4. This is what started it over the christmas holidays. I dug through my old stuff and thought I might recover some of my old Commodore Amiga disks befor they totaly give up to bit rot.

Years ago I bought the above beauty. I dug thru the rest of my stuff and found an old 3,5” drive, cables and even a computer which I might use. But sadly it didn’t work.

Trying to find help over the internet I finally stopped by: Software Preservation Society which in turn led me to: KryoFlux homepage.

After some thinking and money calculation… now, a week later I am a proud owner of: KryoFluxKryoOne side goes into a floppy the other side via USB into my computer.

There is software support for different OS. My Mac was sadly not convinced yet to talk to the device, or should I say El Capitan was not convinced… I started a virtual Windows PC under Parallels and the device works like a charm.

Ok, it is a nerdy setup, to copy Amiga disks for an emulator run under Mac OS on an emulated Windows system – but what the heck – it works!

And… very few disks seem to be corrupt, even my old harddrive Amiga backups (Quarterdeck) are fine (well the ones I could find all disks for).

Only thing is, it seems I did not back up the things I now am looking for (old sourcecode, compiler setups and the like), but rather the newest games and  tools one had gotten (eh, as a safety measure from some friends….).

Oh well…
I am still trying to get an Aztec C 3.6 compiler for my Amiga up an running and convince it to compile the lates version of Monopoly.
Actually it does already compile – only the linker is annoying me still.

I will likely add a few blog posts of retro stuff soon…






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