Air Attack 2

Hi there!

From now on I will write the blog entries in English. Since I did all the other pages in English I think it makes sense to.

So, what was I up to in the last month?

Air Attack 2


A relatively  simple shut em up. A vertical scroller, where you destroy everything that moves.  This one is one of the best games 2015 on my iPhone, nay on all my devices.

This one does (for me) everything right!airattack2d

  • It is nice to look at (beautyfull graphics), easy to handle (move the ship with your fingers, autofire is allways on, tap to drop a bomb, can’t get easier, can it?)
  • I bought it full price (can’t remember, 2 bucks?) and is right now down to 1 buck!
  • It has gorgeous 22 levels
  • achievements
  • challenges (which seem to change every few days) (upon internet access)
  • 3 in game”currencies” (stars[levels], coins[powerups] and ingots[high level powerups]), but no in App purchase!
  • tons of upgradeable weapons
  • different planes (one can buy, with again different weapon sets)
  • lots of replay value, due to challenges, high scores, collecting money and reaching “Star” goals…
  • you can do a quick game in “between” (play 1 level), no need to invest hours at a time (though one easily can be sucked into it and … do just one more level)
  • etc etc etc

Grab it, you literally can’t do anything wrong by getting this App. Even if the price rises to 10 bucks!

It plays smoothly on my iPhone 6.

It does run on my iPad (4) but it noticeably slows down if there is much action on the screen (which quite frequently is the case).


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